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Home Inspection areas

Home Inspection areas

When we perform a home inspection for you, we will be visually inspecting every part of the property from the foundation to the roof.  Every portion of the home that is accessible will be inspected, analyzed, and reported upon.

  1. Grounds – sidewalks, driveway, landscaping affecting foundation or home, etc.
  2. Exterior – gutters, windows, doors, siding, trim, fascia, soffit, etc.
  3. Roof – the roof material and condition, flashing, chimney, plumbing vents, etc.
  4. Interior – Every room in the home.  Windows, outlets / receptacles, doors, locks, etc.
  5. Attic – Insulation, trusses / rafters, ceiling (attic floor), roof decking, plumbing vents, chimney chase, etc.
  6. Foundation – Slab on grade or poured stemwall foundation, viewed from the outside and interior in the case of a stemwall.
  7. Basement – Stairs, piping, foundation walls (if visible), wiring
  8. Crawlspace – We crawl hard to get to places.  Foundation perimeter walls, insulation, subfloor, duct work, etc.
  9. Electrical – the main panel, sub panels, visible wiring, outlets, breakers, etc.
  10. Plumbing – water entry piping, water distribution piping, insulation, fixture traps (P, S traps etc), drain waste pipes, etc.
  11. Furnace / Heating – Condition, age, thermostat fires the furnace, CO and gas leak testing, output temperature, etc.
  12. Air Conditioning – Condition, age, thermostat fires the AC, output temperature, refrigerant lines, compressor / outdoor unit, etc.

There are even more items that we inspect.  Basically, everything that can be operated, flushed, turned on / off, opened and closed, will be inspected and reported upon.  There are a few exceptions such as water shut-off valves and breakers.

It might take you 6 months to operate and inspect everything that we get to in a few hours.

A typical inspection on a 2000 square foot modern home takes approximately three hours.  Older and larger homes may take a little more time due to size and some of the complexities of older homes.

We perform: